Welcome to the Townsend Report


I am M. Emmett Townsend or Emmett for short.

My dog and I on a Ranch in Southern Texas.

My dog and I on a Ranch in Southern Texas

So who is Emmett?

Child of God, Husband, Father, and active community member.

I bought my first computer in 1981,  8k of memory…

This wonderful amazing technology has changed the world 1000 times over, and most people do not realize the changes… or how different things would be without it all. When I was born even the cell phone was just a prop on the origional Star Trek ®,  just a dream in some screen writers eye.

Dream yes… but real and doable…

Microsoft’s a reality because of dreams and you are reading this because of their fruition!

We read, chat share at the speed of elections across the globe.

We share our lives, loves, hate, and cares with everyone…

With that in mind, and with the need to secure better economic possibilities, we are here looking for options, and ways of using the communications networks to survive economically and to do it in a way that promotes helping one another instead of beating one another.  Mine is the unlimited dessert point of view not the “there is only so much pie for everyone” point of view.  With this in mind I am setting out to find the best opportunity vetting them, testing them, and  eliminating those that are full of fake promise and bluster for the ones that teach, guide, and show you where if you apply a little elbow grease and some time you can make money and make a difference at the same time.

I will be sharing all I learn, and also what I know about people and charities as well, places we can assist while we walk our daily walk and pay the bill’s.  I will do more then help you grow an online presence here because all of us need more then just a dollar, we need more then just ourselves, and we need more then just food in our bellies. We need each other, we need to care and be cared for and we need to experience joy in our daily lives.  These connections come more from sharing and giving then they do from grabbing and hiding.

I am not going to ask you for much, for me just that you read and share your thoughts and ideas as well, so that at the end of the day we can rest with our hearts full.

I look forward to getting to know you.




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2 responses to “Welcome to the Townsend Report

  1. Love your new blog. I will be here from time to time to see how you and your family are doing.

  2. Hey Matt,

    Just wanted to check on you and your famiy and let you know that I was here to support you again today. 🙂

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